Christ Never Lets Go!

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If you’ve been to the zoo you’ve seen parents lifting up their kids to get a better look at the animals. But have you ever heard of animals lifting their offspring to get a better look at people? That’s exactly what happens in this awesome video posted by One World One Ocean, a mother gray whale repeatedly lifts her calf to see humans on a boat. The entire story is up on the One World One Ocean website.

Greg and Barbara MacGillivray traveled to Laguna San Ignacio, on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, where they were treated to an experience that was, quite simply, profound. San Ignacio is a whale watcher’s dream, where visitors have a good chance of having an up-close encounter with a friendly whale.

[via Laughing Squid]

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    This just reiterates everything I learned from Diane Duane’s ‘Deep Wizardry’. Whales are the wizards of the sea and they...
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    Whale mother: Look, sweetie, those funny things leaning over the side of the big floating thing are humans. They will...
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